This is our range of plain pastel colours to improve the look of any type of area - from kitchens to toilets, this is the product for your colourful, cost effective needs.

Colours can be installed using either of our adhesives and is also available with our colour match co-extrusions or can be heat welded using a colour match weld rod, and silicone seal.

Technical Specification

Sheet Dimensions 2440 X 1220 x 2.5mm
3050 X 1220 x 2.5mm
Colour(s) 4no. Pastel
Impact Strenghth ISO 179 3.0
Specific Gravity ISO 1183 1.45
Thermal conductivity at 20°C; 0.2
Maximum service temprature 60°C;
Elastic Modulus at bend 3.5 x 10-3
Surface spread of flame BS476 PARTY Class 1

Architectural Specification

Supply and install Colours to a finished height or Colour Match heat welded joints using Interclad panel adhesive; thermoformed internal and external corners with Cladfix® Co-extrusions between panels. Provide an Interclad® Assurance on completion.
Colours m2
Colours (less than 300mm) m
Thermoformed internal/external corners m
Waterproof sealant at abutments m
Cut-outs for service no

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