The Interlock™ Industrial Ceiling provides a tough, maintenance-free and durable planking that is easy to clean. Complying with the UK and EU regulations, Interlock™ is not only waterproof but impervious to most of the chemicals found in commercial and industrial kitchens, food processing plants and the pharmaceutical/medical industries. This makes it ideal for areas requiring stringent cleaning and frequent hosing down.

The special twin-wall construction helps to reduce condensation and its particle-free properties avoids contamination to foodstuffs Interlock™ is lightweight enough to be used as part of a suspension system. There are a number of other practical fixing methods to suit both new construction or refurbishment.

Interlock™ can also be combined with Caterclad® wall lining systems to provide the ideal solution for the most demanding areas - that's why Interlock™ is so often in demand.

General Information

Interlock™ ceiling planks are of a rigid twin wall construction with multiple cross-supports. The planks are extruded using non-recycled PVC to ensure not only a white plank but also a product of consistent quality and colour.

Fire and Thermal Characteristics

Surface Spread of Flame Class 1 BS476 Part 7 1997
Thermal coefficient of expansion 7x10-5
Interlock™ planks and profiles show no distortion when stored at a temperature of 75¾°C for period of 72 hours.

Architectural Specification

Supply and install Interlock™ ceiling planks and trims by Interclad® to soffit*/Counter batten/24mm ‘T-bar’ suspension*/rigid suspension* all to the manufacturer’s specification
Interlock™ ceiling m2
Perimeter trims m
Internal/External corners m
Cut outs for service no
Flush fitting diffusers either
1200 X 600*/600 x 600* or specials

The System

The Interlock™ ceiling system can be installed using an existing suitable soffit (ceiling), counter batten, existing or new 24mm ‘T-bar’ or rigid suspension system.

The Interlock™ ceiling system can accommodate access hatches, flush fitting light diffusers, air input/ extract grills, surface fixed light fittings and sprinkler systems.