Very few situations demand such high standards of hygiene and durability as hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. Mediclad® can meet those demands. It is quick to install, very easy to maintain and with it's exceptional versatility can be used almost anywhere and can cover almost any new or existing wall surface.

Mediclad® can be used in most areas

Mediclad® is ideal for almost every part of a hospital or pharmaceutical manufacturing and research environment:

• Operating theatres, sterile rooms and sluices
• Bathrooms and showers
• Kitchens and restaurants
• Laboratories and phlebotomy rooms
• Body rooms and mortuaries
• Drug and linen stores
• Recovery and lay-up rooms
• Reception areas and corridors

Mediclad® maintenance-free

Mediclad® is so easy to clean, being accurately thermo-formed on site with rounded corners to minimise mould, mildew and bacteria accumulation and damage. Installed with the minimum of mess and disruption it keeps its smart appearance for many years to come, even in high impact areas such as corridors and lifts.

Mediclad® meets the highest standards

Mediclad®'s wall lining systems have been proven over the years to meet the most demanding requirements in hospitals, service facilities such as kitchens and manufacturing environments. It is maintenance-free, very durable and easy to clean

Mediclad® is highly durable

Mediclad® is unlikely to get damaged even in high-use areas where there are frequent impacts such as corridors, lift areas and busy wards. It comes in a choice of grades, each ideally suited to a variety of locations.

Medicald® is fire-retardant

Fire-safety is crucial in any environment. It is encouraging to know that Mediclad has achieved passes in a number of Warrington Fire Research reports covering BS476 Part 7 Class 1 Spread of Flame and BS476 Part 6 Fire Propagation.

Mediclad® is food safe

Many paints and other finishes are unsuitable or unsafe in food preparation and production areas. Being food contact safe Mediclad® is ideal for all catering and dining environments

Mediclad® is very hygienic

Paint and plaster soon get flaky and unattractive and needs frequent renewal or replacing. Ceramic tiles need regrouting and cracked, broken ones easily harbour mildew, mould and bacteria - a serious threat in a hospital environment. With Mediclad®, this is not a problem and a high standard of hygiene is very easy to maintain. Whether a quick wipe over or thorough hosing-down, cleaning does not damage its tough and durable surface. It does not crack in cold temperatures either and it acts as a valuable and effective seal against infestation. Both Mediclad® and its sister product, Caterclad® are ideal for use in both a medical environment as well as anywhere where food is prepared or eaten.

Mediclad® looks good too

As well as being practical and hygienic, Mediclad® looks good too and keeps its smart appearance long after other surfaces have deteriorated. Mediclad® is available in fresh, clean colours such as bright white, ice blue, primrose, or peppermint. In addition to these, there are 8 other patterned effect options and any British Standard colour can be produced to a minimum order quality. So where the demands of hygiene, economy and durability are of the highest, choose Mediclad® - it's the wall-cladding for the most demanding of environments.

Mediclad® is economical

With clean, fast installation causing minimal disruption, its maintenance-free properties and its impressive durability, Mediclad® saves money right from the start and is unbeatable good value.