Gradus Wall Corner and Door Protection System

Installation services offered by Interclad

Demand for our installation expertise grows constantly and has seen us providing our hygienic systems in some of the UK's most challenging environments.

From the rigorous safety demands of the North Sea oil industry to the requirements of the healthcare, food, pharmaceutical and leisure industries, Interclad has developed Caterclad, Mediclad and Interlock systems to provide maintenance free, cost effective solutions where ease of cleaning and hygiene is paramount.

Interclad is also an installer of Gradus Wall Protection and Barrier Matting, and by combining these products with Interclad's hygienic systems and installation expertise, there is a total solution to your wall and floor protection requirements.

Gradus and Interclad appreciate the stringent demands of today's marketplace and always take the time to fully understand your specific needs before combining specialist knowledge with bespoke, practical solutions in order to provide a truly comprehensive service.

A complete solution to surface damage

Gradus Wall Protection systems have been designed to offer a comprehensive protection package for walls, corners and doors. All products provide an essential barrier against damage caused by pedestrian and wheeled traffic, thus reducing the need for ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Gradus Wall Protection systems include the InPro System, Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Protection systems and Timber Handrails. Products include handrails, wall guards, corner guards, Sanparrel PVC-u sheet, floor and corner rails and bollards.

Gradus Wall Protection systems offer a cost efficient level of protection for environments ranging from Education, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical through to Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Transport.

Gradus InPro System

All products in the range are manufactured from PVC-u and offer medium to severe duty protection. The PVC-u covers and accessories are through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion. Additionally, the modular design makes the products quick to install.

Available in 30 colours to complement practically any interior environment, a selection of products is also available in 10 Rapid Response colours on a 24 hour lead time.

Other key features include:

• Achieves Class O British Standards Fire Rating.
• Does not support bacterial or fungal growth.
• Resistant to most commonly used chemical solutions.
• Manufactured in the UK.

A selection of Gradus InPro products is available from stock in 8 Rapid Response colours on a 24hour lead time. See the Gradus Wall Protection catalogue for further information

Gradus InPro Sanparrel

In addition to the specifications offered by the InPro System, InPro Sanparrel PVC-u sheet has the following unique points:

• Available in all 30 colours on the Rapid Response programme.
• Design flexibility - bespoke cutting and forming services.
• Can be cut into protective products such as rubrails, kickplates and pushplates.
• A range of trims is available to provide a neat finish.

Stainless Steel Wall Protection System

heavy to severe duty protection.

The modern hi-tech finish can also be used to contribute to the creation of a designer finish for interiors such as receptions, commercial offices, bars and nightclubs.

High durability and functionality will contribute to reduced maintenance, repair and refurbishment costs.

Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Protection System

Suitable for interior and exterior environments, in areas such as manufacturing and loading bays, back of house retail and hospital service corridors, these products offer superior protection against severe damage caused by wheeled traffic, such as trolleys and carts. The products can also be used in car parks to offer effective protection solutions to vehicles and walls.

Designed to absorb and deflect impact, these products will contribute to a reduction in maintenance costs and offer improved aesthetics.

Timber Handrails

These handrails have been designed to provide the specifier with an option to create a premium finish without compromising functionality. In addition, the dimensions meet the guidance stated in the Equality Act 2010.

Available in 4 timber species; Ash, Oak, Maple and Utile with satin finished stainless steel bracket and returns or timber returns. The natural wood finish makes the handrails warm to the touch offering support and comfort.